Terms & Conditions

#1. A person with a heavy freight, vehicle or other load that needs to be transported a long distance posts a listing on haullist.com.

#2. Truckers and independent contractors visit haullist.com and view the available loads for pick-up. If they find one that interests them, they pay a one-time fee of $5 to gain the contact information of the person offering the load. **Note that multiple people may be paying for the same listing. It is up to the buyer to contact the lister in order to arrange for a contract to haul their freight.**

#3. The trucker contacts the person with the freight in order to negotiate a price. From that point on, the transaction is strictly between those two parties.

#4. Once a person’s freight has been picked up, they are responsible for removing their listing on haullist.com. The listing will remain active until cancelled by the lister.

That’s it!


Haul List brings listers, shippers, truckers and brokers together through providing an informational site for you all to exchange information regarding transportation.  Haul List disclaims responsibility for any and all liability for information traded including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  Haul List shall not be responsible any damages resulting in delays or damages resulting from the failure to produce from any cause beyond Haul List’s control, nor shall the lister, shipper, trucker or broker be entitled to recover from Haul List any consequential or incidental damages in connection with this agreement including damages for loss of use, time, profits or income.  By agreeing to this Terms & Conditions Agreement, the legal venue stemming from usage of the Haul List site will be in the State of Ohio, County of Fairfield.  This Term & Conditions Agreement comprises the entire agreement affecting the use of Haul List and no other agreements have been made or will be recognized.  The Lister and Purchaser of the information, acknowledges having read the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement, agrees to them and acknowledges by selecting and clicking on I AGREE.